Who is Sweet Daddy?


Sweet Daddy is “Chef Warren Higgins”


Some know the Chef as “Charles”, “Chuck”, “Warren” or the signature name “Sweet Daddy!” A Maryland native who has many gifts and talents but the one he is most passionate about is cooking.

Sweet Daddy loves to see the smile he puts on the faces of his clients as they take a bite of his food.


Sweet Daddy received his initial training by the best way possible, “his grandmothers!” He recalls, while growing up, watching both of his grandmothers cooking in their kitchen, “where good ole southern cooking was a must.” Both grandmothers had a style of their own, but the end result was the same, “It had to be good!”


I remember the wood cook stove with the water reservoir on the side. It was the job of my cousin and I, to make sure the hopper stayed full of water and that there was plenty of dry wood to heat the stove. 

Mom Mom would always make sure we received a special treat (a piece of panfried dough or the bowl from a cake), which she had made from scratch. She would leave a little extra batter for us to scoop and eat.

“Grama’s best boys” she use to call us!


Sweet Daddy received a double blessing from his grandparents, “My fraternal grandfather,” not a wealthy man financially, but he had a strong work ethic which made him a strong worker which made him stand way above his fellow man and he passed down that same work ethic to his grandchildren. So with a taste for good food and a strong work ethic, I built my first food trailer and called it the “Tiny Kitchen.” It fit that name well because it was just big enough for one person to work in and was very limited in equipment. As time and persistence went on, I was able to open the first “Sweet Daddy’s Chicken, Fish, and Ribs Carryout Restaurant” in Havre de Grace.”


We had the pleasure of serving people from all over this country and even included the heads of state. Folks use to drive all the way from Washington, D.C. on the weekends to purchase fish and ribs.


Sweet Daddy is back to stay this time! I have a much bigger, full service Kitchen (Trailer) this time, so when you see the trailer, come on over and say hello and prepare your taste buds for Culinary Treat, Sweet Daddy Style!


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